Can you force me to be housed?

I am asked, regularly, if I am forcing homeless families to find housing, to seek shelter, to rent apartments. And, if they do not do these activities will they lose their cash aid or other entitlements. The answer is NO. I do give everyone a 90 day head start and every resource I know inContinue reading “Can you force me to be housed?”

Homeless man jailed for Child Support

But everyone knew he was not the father. He paid the support,  and continued paying until he lost his job and became homeless. No one advocated for him even though it was clear that he was not the child’s father. And, it does not appear that anyone went looking for the biological father. Seriously? Of allContinue reading “Homeless man jailed for Child Support”

Health and Human Services & Homelessness

I read the page, but it doesn’t really say anything. I guess I was hoping for an initiative, specific resources, a standard plan to approach homelessness and a critique of how different agencies and states collect information and distribute assistance. ie, the page says “In order to develop strategies to effectively provide health andContinue reading “Health and Human Services & Homelessness”

Child Support – everything you could ask

LA County Child Support has a FAQ page : Application for a Child Support case : California’s Child Support Information Page : Paternity FAQ: Random thought to chew on : even if it is determined that you are not the father, CA Courts can force you to continue to pay child support if itContinue reading “Child Support – everything you could ask”

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