Meals on a Food Stamp Budget

  the         A.P.         ran an article  by PERVAIZ SHALLWANI on how three successful restraunt owners would plan meals on less than $70 a week for a family of four.  Read the entire article here:
I am posting some of the best bits of advice.
Jose Garces suggests that budget shoppers start in the grocer’s ethnic aisle, where the products generally are less expensive. Budget cooking “traces back to roots in ethnic cooking,” he says. “If you look back in history, people had to survive, and using inexpensive products became ways to survive and using those inexpensive products became traditional dishes.”

Processed foods may sometimes seem less expensive, but they are harder to stretch and generally not as healthy. Bill Telepan of Telepan restaurant in New York also looked for more seasonal foods, which generally are cheaper.

Planning and careful shopping were key, as was a willingness to recast leftovers. They also championed chicken as an inexpensive and versatile protein.

Aggressive use of coupons, sales and bulk shopping!

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