Foodstamps & fast food – read the comments

Read the article by Jam Donaldson – it is well written, and THEN read the comments . It is definitely food for thought.

Meals on a Food Stamp Budget

  the         A.P.         ran an article  by PERVAIZ SHALLWANI on how three successful restraunt owners would plan meals on less than $70 a week for a family of four.  Read the entire article here:   I am posting some of the best bits of advice.   Jose Garces suggests that budget shoppers start in the grocer’s ethnic aisle, whereContinue reading “Meals on a Food Stamp Budget”

Can mothers who are Homeless find success

From my perspective, mothers   need BOTH a stable place to feel secure in their physical environment and security in their emotional environment to feel successful. The same can be said of everyone, actually. Poor single mothers who had experienced an episode of homelessness and had symptoms of depression, but had a work history ofContinue reading “Can mothers who are Homeless find success”

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