Would you help?

Someone’s baby boy is running on the sidewalk and falls down. He can’t get up. He is moaning and can’t get up. And then you see he is bleeding. 

Do you try to help him. Do you ask him his name? Do you call 911 or yell to a stranger to do the same?

Or do you look at him just long enough to make sure you don’t trip over him as you walk past.  You don’t know him so he is not your problem. He is not your child or your family and frankly it is inconsiderate of him to fall down in your path – and that blood is soo unhygienic!

– Really? Who thinks like that!

At least 20 New Yorkers did as they walked past a dying man who had come to the rescue of a woman being attacked.

What? That happened to a grown man? And an immigrant as well?

Get over yourself, he is still someone’s baby boy and he dies on the street after a heroic act.

What will you do the next time you see someone laying on the sidewalk – bleeding or not. Will you help?

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