HELP! She has a job, now what

She was homeless, she found a part-time job at K-Mart which will barely pay her rent if she tries really hard not to turn on a light or use too much hot water – but now what?

Employment is NOT solving the problem that she is living on the knife’s edge of homelessness. I am trying to send her for her high school diploma while she works part-time. My hope is that she will complete her GED before her second baby is born.

Oh, and once her baby is born, how will she pay rent until she can return to work and then wait the 2 weeks for a pay check again?

So many of my people are operating without a safety net. she isn’t stupid – she just got pregnant too early when she didn’t have her education and she has absolutely no support system (unless you count her Welfare worker – because she and I talk about 3 times a week).

Okay people, I need resources and direction. I don’t know what else to tell her. I am tempted just to post parts of her resume up here to see if it helps.

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