Rent for your Homeless Shelter

Should you pay for shelter? Where would the money come from, where does it go, how is it spent and is it far?

In New York the plan is to charge rent for shelter residents. The Huffington Post has an article from Covenant House touting their approach to rent and why it is character building.

But I don’t think Bloomberg is thinking he wants to use the Covenant house as a role model. The Coalition for the Homeless has an informative article about what the plan would really look like – and frankly – it’s RUDE.

If someone could pay almost $1000 a month in rent, they would not be in a homeless shelter. .. just a thought.

I have worked at a place where “shelter residents” were charged a “rent fee”. It was under $300 per month and based on a sliding scale of ability to pay. there was a built-in Money Management Program where savings was encouraged  – but when the IRS investigated the Money management Program and reported to Social security  – we had some problems because people had “saved too much”. But that is a story for a different day.


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