W.I.C. food program for low income families

WIC  stands for Women, Infants & Children. It is a program designed to educate breast-feeding women and mothers of young low-income families about food, nutrition and healthcare. WIC is a food and nutrition program that is here to help pregnant women and families with young children. The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants andContinue reading “W.I.C. food program for low income families”

California Hunger Statistics

State Statistical Brief: CA Food insecurity rate                                    12.0 %   Child food insecurity rate                         16.8 %        Under 5 yrs old                                             17.7 %               Population                                                      36,756,666       Poverty rate                                                  13.2 %          Child poverty rate                                      20.2 %       Unemployment rate                                   12.4 %                        

Drug Use and Welfare

Do you think that adults should have to pass a drug test in order to receive Cash Aid and Foodstamps and Medical Insurance ? I came across this quote when reading about texas Food Banks “Something that they could also implement that will cut down on the number of applicants is subject each and everyContinue reading “Drug Use and Welfare”

Rent for your Homeless Shelter

Should you pay for shelter? Where would the money come from, where does it go, how is it spent and is it far? In New York the plan is to charge rent for shelter residents. The Huffington Post has an article from Covenant House touting their approach to rent and why it is character building.Continue reading “Rent for your Homeless Shelter”

YOUTH who are homeless

Learn more at http://www.youthnoise.com/page.php?page_id=6145  ” Facts 1.6 to 1.7 million people under 18 will experience homelessness each year. (That’s more than the population of Philadelphia.) 63% of runaway and homeless youth are never reported or sought after by guardians. 22 to 44% of their parents abuse drugs or alcohol, leading to domestic violence and conflicts.Continue reading “YOUTH who are homeless”

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