the Maximum Family Grant rules

When is a child not eligable for CalWorks/Welfare? What are the rules and how would a cash aid recipient even know? and… What happens when there is no money or the funds run out?

This was my discussion on Twitter today. I am going to link and show you the answers as best I can.

First of all, a personal suggestion. Live each day like it is your last and treat your welfare like it will be taken from you tomorrow. Don’t you dare get comfortable being poor or homeless. Stay motivated and stick to a plan because I have seen the plans for deeper welfare reform and change – and I am scared.

What is the MFG?

It is part of welfare reform that prevents a cash aid grant from increasing with each and every child born into a welfare assisted family. Previously a family would be given more money with every child born to the family without limit.  However, it is NOT going to prevent nutrition payments such as food stamps for these kids.

What are the exemptions to MFG?

When a minor parent who has applied in a CalWORKs case, establishes his/her own AU, the MFG rule no longer is applied to the minor parent’s child.

  • MFG rules do not apply to children conceived while either parent was unaided non-parent caretaker relative, children who do not live with either parent, or children conceived under the following circumstances:
If child conceived due to…
An act of rape, or an incestuous relationship
  • · Then it must be…Reported to a law enforcement agency, medical or mental health professional or a social services agency that provides counseling to victims of rape or incest.
  • · Reported prior to, or within three months after the birth of the child.

Note:  Written verification from the above agencies is required.

A failure of a contraceptive device. The failure of an intrauterine device, a Norplant, Depo-Provera, or the sterilization of either parent (to qualify for exemption.)

Note:  Written medical verification is required.

The California rules to the MFG have to be given IN WRITING at the time a family applies for welfare and at every re-determination.  this is the CW 2102.

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  1. I have a passion for helping people and I just retired from a 17 year career with HHSA in the Employment Services division at age 56. I had many reasons for going into early retirement but when all is said and done I miss being a part of helping people who are in need. I was a case manager in September of 1997 and the MFG rule was implemented and I new this would make a huge impact on generaltional welfare. Even today when you talk to people in the community they still think that women on public assistance have children for the cash grant increase.

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