Public Transportation in East San Fernando Valley

Glendale Bee line and @burbankbus 

 As a social worker, I am always giving out the bus routes and encouraging public transportation. (although sometimes I call  MTA  “name that smell”)  The SFV has at least two really great city run public transportation programs. The Bee Line  and The burbank bus. the Glendale Bee Line is an affordable and reliable city run bus that you probably don’t hear enough about. here are the rates:  

Cash Fares: 

  • Routes 1-7 & 13 General Public 25 cents
  • Adults 60 and older 15 cents
  • Disabled Persons 15 cents
  • Children under 5 Free
  • ASI Cardholders Free
  • Express Routes 11 & 12
  • All Fares $1.00
  • Metrolink & EZ Pass Holders Free
  • Beeline Fare Media for Routes 1-7 & 13:
  • General 31-Day Pass $12.00
  • Senior/Disabled 31-Day Pass $4.50
  • Metro Transfers: General 50 cents
  • Senior/Disabled 25 cents
  • Metro Passes, Tokens, and “Inter-Agency”
  • Transfers accepted on Beeline Routes 1-7 & 13.

Fare Media Sales Locations: – 

  • Glendale Galleria/Tender Sender Store –
  • Glendale College Business Office – Adult Recreation Center (Senior Pass Only) –
  • Sparr Heights Sr. Center (Senior Pass Only)

————————–  THE BURBANK BUS ————–  You can map your route on Google. choose MAPS, ask for DIRECTIONs and select Public Transportaiton. It is super cool. this is the route between the GAIN office and Job Club. 


“Burbank Bus is free with Metrolink or MTA pass.  All other passengers $1.00” I enjoy following them on Twitter. However, the City of Burbank may want to update the transportation web site. 

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