Un-Dress for Success

Did I get your attention?  Now give me your clothes…just your office attire, actually.

Cash Aid through Welfare/CalWORKS is not much money, and certainly not enough for responsible women to indulge in basic beauty items or interview clothing. Help them Dress for Success and earn enough money to leave “the system”

For the next month, you are invited to bring me your gently used work clothing that will become “INTERVIEW Outfits” and “First Week of Work” outfits for Unemployed and Underemployed mothers.

I am targeting women’s clothing simply because most of my clients in the GAIN office are women and we have so many men’s suits that I keep giving them to Homeless Service Agencies in the area, but I will not turn men’s clothing away.

Once my closet at Burbank GAIN is filled, I will keep looking for people that want to get into your pants… (admit it – that made you smile!)


  • Sort though your clothes and set aside your donation
  • Call me and schedule a delivery to my office.  (and while you are here, check in on Four square!)
  • Call, text, email me if you can’t make it to Burbank. If you are within 30 miles of Burbank or Arcadia: I will come and pick it up. If you are further away than that – I will give you the name of a place to donate your clothing in your area.

If you have a Scout Troop looking for a Community Service Project, ask them to collect new deodorant, toothbrushes, hair brushes, hair ornaments (barrettes and hair ties), nail files,  and make-up.

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