Is a Homeless Man art?

In the UK and the US, sculptures of people without housing are being placed on sidewalks as installations and art. 

“I put him outside, right in front of my house. I live in a fancy town, but on the least attractive street; a busy street heading into the center, where if there were a homeless person, it would be his turf. I had him outside for a couple hours and then I needed to go to the dentist. My wife asked me to take it inside. Just as I did the police arrived and were met by an old lady in a car who had called it in. She pointed at the empty spot, a bit confused, the police looked at her like she was crazy. It was an interesting moment. Did she call the police to help the man or simply get him out of her view?”


Sculptures for Welcome HomeLess

“The 13 sculptures will be exhibited in streets and squares in European capital cities throughout 2010 with the help of NGOs around Europe, which all fight for better conditions for the homeless”

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