Art by and for Homeless

 Artwork by Artists without homes. “creativity is not just what he puts on the canvas but what he puts in his heart to make it through another day” -Mark Horvath aka @HardlyNormal Lamp Art Project on 7th street in Los Angeles’s Skid Row Floaters in Arizona Drawbridge for Children in San Francisco Hearts of Fire  – OijaContinue reading “Art by and for Homeless”

Texas art dealer & homeless man

This article  made me cry.  Just for @hardlynormal I want to share this quote “‘It’s curious everybody asks us to do Bible study, but no Bible doings. If they invite us to a doing, I’m going. But I ain’t going to no more Bible studies. They’d be better off if they spent more time doing thanContinue reading “Texas art dealer & homeless man”

Is a Homeless Man art?

In the UK and the US, sculptures of people without housing are being placed on sidewalks as installations and art.  “I put him outside, right in front of my house. I live in a fancy town, but on the least attractive street; a busy street heading into the center, where if there were aContinue reading “Is a Homeless Man art?”

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