AB 1642 – Welfare 6 month reporting

In California the CalWORKS clients must turn in a QR7 every 3 months. It used to be a monthly requirement to list everyone in your home and if there have been any changes or income. Currently recipients must do this 4 times a year. AB 1642 would change this to TWICE A YEAR.

PROs and CONs

The PROS are

  • It reduces paperwork – sincerely severely reduces the number of forms and reports that social workers must push through. And, as you know, the more work w have to do – the greater the opportunity for human error (ie: mistakes)
  • Client paperwork that is more simple and less frequent may be more inviting to families who qualify for the program but are intimidated by their portion of the forms (and face it, I went on Welfare with 3/4ths of a college education and I couldn’t make heads or tails out of the paperwork)
  • Economic stimulus of the PURCHASING KIND. If more people can afford to buy food or other items because they are given the funds to do so – they will spend the money here in the local economy.  (Now, if we could just get the money to be spent on foods and products from the United States so our own tax dollars funded American Businesses….)

The CONs

  • Even now I have to wait for the QR7 to be processed before I can close cases where I know the recipient no longer lives in the County of Los Angeles and needs the file transferred or closed. The delay is causing us to continue support to families who no longer need or qualify and in return they are given a bill at a later date.  –
  • Also, only reporting 2 x a year invites fraud. – there are several groups that also want California to end the fingerprint scanning done at the time of enrollment as well as not require immigrants to list the income of their sponsors. Servicing families who don’t need or qualify for the service reduces the resources for the families and individuals who really do need it. Being NICE may not be the RIGHT thing to do in a time when we are low on funds to begin with.

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