Skid Row gang injunction

LA CAN – please shut up and get your facts straight. Also, read the etiquette chapter on listening politely to your city Officials before protesting pointlessly.

The Gang Injunction is to keep known drug dealers from selling in Skid Row, It is not an injunction against homelessness, people without housing, or people who use drugs in the area. It is an injunction to keep people with THREE OR MORE arrests for DEALING drugs out of the area of skid row. It also  restricts them from possessing narcotics and dangerous weapons – but HEY – the general rule of law prohibits that for the rest of us too unless we have a fire arms permit.

No one is ganging up on the homeless and addicts living in skid row , except the gangs. Be glad that the Grape Street Crips are being kept out of the area and the neighborhood will be a little safer and less tempting for low income, vulnerable, mentally ill and people on the streets.

Why are YOU  – LA CAN – defending the rights of gangsters to sell drugs? Isn’t THAT a hate crime against the homeless?

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