Rev Andy at the URM

Someday I am going to meet @abales , Reverend Bales from the Union Rescue Mission. He doesn’t blog as much as I want him to – I guess he is a little busy and all, but it is so worth the read. therefore I am directly printing the link .

Anyway, last night I had a dream and Rev. Andy was in it.  – I totally don’t hold him accountable for the following , but it was odd so I am sharing -My teeth were broken and I couldn’t speak in my dream and I was standing at an ATM machine outside the dentist office waiting for the dentist and trying to withdraw money to have my mouth fixed. I looked up and Rev Andy was riding backward down an escalator and Tweeting me (via twitter) at the same time.

He said that just because I couldn’t use my words today – I could still find ways to talk to the world about what was hurting me. At that point the ATM started printing out Travelers Checks that looked like napkins and an old couple behind me grabbed them and started wiping things down. 

They said that money is just like paper napkins and it could be used to clean up the world but won’t have any affect if there is no one pushing it around and using a little elbow grease.

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