my two cents about the Skid Row Gang injunction

I don’t know if you have spent day in and day out on Skid ROw in Los Angeles – but I have. I have been there over night – in the SRO’s, on the streets, sitting on stoops and in the shelters. I have seen people in the recovery programs walk out the front doorContinue reading “my two cents about the Skid Row Gang injunction”

Skid Row gang injunction

LA CAN – please shut up and get your facts straight. Also, read the etiquette chapter on listening politely to your city Officials before protesting pointlessly. The Gang Injunction is to keep known drug dealers from selling in Skid Row, It is not an injunction against homelessness, people without housing, or people who use drugsContinue reading “Skid Row gang injunction”

Advisory Committees and Commissions for LA County

Be heard and make LA a better place to live, work and play. There is a Committee and Commission for almost everything. Find the list here:   and all the types of commissions and committees here: . feel free to tell Supervisor Michael D Antonovich! He can be contacted  at I mention him because heContinue reading “Advisory Committees and Commissions for LA County”

Double Murder – a year later

What happened Easter morning in 2009 at The Lamp Lodge in LA’s Skid Row and what does it say about the safety and services for residents there . . . Read the City Journal’s story on the Truth about Policing and Skid Row for an animated accounting of the murder and reasons behind it. BasicallyContinue reading “Double Murder – a year later”

Homeless, Houseless, or just disconnected?

The cure for being HOMELESS is to have HOUSING. But that is just the physical cure. It says nothing about the psychological and emotional ramifications of being disenfranchised and suffering the many other causes and symptoms of a homeless situation. I was reading an article on Houselessness. And while I feel that the author is aContinue reading “Homeless, Houseless, or just disconnected?”

Rev Andy at the URM

Someday I am going to meet @abales , Reverend Bales from the Union Rescue Mission. He doesn’t blog as much as I want him to – I guess he is a little busy and all, but it is so worth the read. therefore I am directly printing the link . Anyway, last night I had aContinue reading “Rev Andy at the URM”

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