Census Homeless Count in the dark

In the black of night a swinging flashlight draws near, the arc of light growing as someone approaches. You hear footsteps and realize that they are coming directly to you – where you are laying in the open. Is this a recipe for disaster or a really accurate way to count the number of individuals living without housing during the 2010 Census ?

Silverdale is sending Census workers out to the parks, the forests, and the streets during the night to do a homeless count for the Census. Part of being Homeless is not having a HOME ADDRESS to receive the form at. People without permanent housing are the most under-counter population in the census , along with illegal aliens.

Typically Kitsap does a count by hosting a food and outreach day where those with out housing come to them. . more on the story here: http://www.pnwlocalnews.com/kitsap/nkh/news/89692872.html

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