Heavy, the 1 person Homeless Population of Times Square

As the story goes, Time’s Square has been cleaned up. No more porn shops, less obvious drug deals and no homeless people. That is, except for Heavy.

I believe in HOUSING FIRST and Housing for everyone. But, I also believe in individual dignity and the right to choose what is best for your own life. I am NOT a supporter of Common Ground deciding they are going to effectively stalk Heavy and tell anyone who gives him food or other assistance that they are harming Heavy by making it possible for him to stay on the streets.

The social workers at Common Ground say they have no intention of pressing Heavy to leave the streets. But executive director Tim Marx says neighbours might not be helping in the long term by giving him food and clothing. They are considering posting one of their outreach workers to stay with Heavy all day, study his movements, and talk to neighbours about what is best for him.”

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