Blankets and the Homeless

My daughter’s friends at UMYF recently made blankets for Project Linus and had some left over. I just spent $25 mailing the one’s from my family to Vancouver. Mailing the extra’s is beyond my budget.

Fortunately their Youth Group Leader, Franklyn Shen, was looking for an alternative recipient for the blankets. Part of the bunch went to The Unity Center and part of them were donated to Glendale PATH Achieve  so that homeless children and adults might have blankets. Even in Southern California, it is cold at night.

I really enjoyed making the blankets and donating them. Since you are reading this blog, I suspect you know that I am a fan of both The Unity Center and PATh, but I wondered where else I could donate blankets.

In my search I came across a chat board thread from YELP.  Seriously, someone took time out of their life to write that a homeless person will sell the blanket to feed their addiction… I have seen many things sold for drugs: including the occasional SINGLE tennis shoe. Never, however, have I seen a blanket sold.

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