The face of Hunger with no Housing – Age 3

Like the urchins under Christmas Present’s coat – hunger walked into my office today. He is three years old and has never known a home of his own – never known stability or had his own bed. His infancy was spent in a car sear in the back of a beat up truck – t wa his bed, his chair and his home.

He is a sweet and shy child with fewer than a 100 words to his vocabulary. The most common sound he makes is a roar like Simba from The Lion King.

He will grow up to be undereducated and have learning problems due exclusively to environmental factors. Poor nutrition, no stable home life, actually no home, and parents with poor literacy and social skills…

Hunger walked into my office and al I had to offer were potato chips and half of my chicken salad sandwhich. He will be Hungry again and may never learn to feed himself.

This sucks.

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