No Wrong Door Policy

The County of Los Angeles DPSS has a “No Wrong Door Policy”, which means that you can walk into the office closest to where you are staying and ask for homeless assistance. 


It is … policy to ensure that the participants shall be served in the district of their choice. It is the responsibility of the Customer Service Representative to explain the options to the participant, taking into consideration the participant’s Homeless status, type of emergency, long-term case management, and convenience to the participant. It is the participant’s option to receive services at the site of choice or to accept a unavailable at the site of choice, a referral may be the only option. However, the first step is to handle the request as a courtesy issuance or service. 

This does not always happen this way. Often a person will walk into the nearest office and be told that without a case, there is nothing that can be done for them and they are sent away. Be aware that although the physical case file may not be in the building you have walked into, the County of Los Angeles has an impressive data system where your information can be shared across all DPSS offices. Ask to speak to the Customer service Rep or a Deputy if you are turned away. If you are still turned away, call the Board of Supervisors. 


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2 thoughts on “No Wrong Door Policy

  1. If it’s too easy, there will be more abuse. People who are not homeless will take advantage of the resources meant to support the homeless. This is taxpayers’ money wasted… as usual.

    1. The case managers who meet with the clients have the ability to see what services have been offiered and what services are needed. Each of us have the Fraud Unit’s contact information and can report a family or individual for abuse of the system.

      But nothing beats good, solid case work. I deny requests for funds and services all the time and focus on helping the clients help themselves.

      And, I hope to cause all of my clients to become taxpayers – many of them already are or have been in the past.

      Supporting the homeless isn’t the answer. Ending their homelessness is.

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