What does a Homeless Case Manager do?

At DPSS CalWorks the HCM will help you apply for Section 8, give information on food pantries and free clothing, low income housing listings, and shelter referrals. The HCM will also be able to speak to the school district on your behalf to keep your child in school and receive school supplies, transportation and uniforms.
Ideally the HCM is your advocate and partner in navigating homeless services. If you don’t know what you need, simply explain your situation to the HCM and discover the resources together.

To speak to a Homeless Case Manager: ask your Eligibility Worker for a referral when you are in the office and a same day appt. will be scheaduled.

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3 thoughts on “What does a Homeless Case Manager do?

  1. The HCM on Vermont and 83rd doesn’t do anything not the EASE program to prevent homelessness and now after being homeless with my son’s for over 4 months I have know faith in this program as I am living proof that los angeles county DPSS and the HCM is making sure more families are becoming homeless and staying homeless. I believe that’s why the rule of once in a lifetime homeless assistance was changed January 1, 2017 to once every 12 months, because they are helping so few families due to the almost impossible program rules and requirements. The cost of housing for a 1 bd room is on average $1100 So you need to make almost $1500 monthly to qualify for program assistance. What about family of four or five (5) most wouldn’t even rent them a 1bd room due to family size. With working a job you can’t stay calling and going to the dpss either and working the hours they do. It’s like setting you up for failure with drowning hope for help.

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