Don’t feed the animals – umm, homeless

from The Peoples Cube

Las Vegas is one of many cities to enact an ordinance against feeding people in public spaces – specifically: feeding the homeless in parks or church parking lots.  This is the NPR story with an audio clip.

from NAtional Homeless . orgIn September 2006 a two year long court case was settled in Orlando Florida – in favor of groups who wanted to serve food to the hungry/ On the ruling the judge said “Rather than address the problem of homelessness in these downtown neighborhoods directly, the City has instead decided to limit the expressive activity which attracts the homeless to these neighborhoods.”

Yes, homelessness is ugly to look at. Instead of not looking, lets reduce it so there is nothing to look at. I don’t mean reduce it by shuffling people to other locals, I mean END HOMELESSNESS.

So, MICROSOFT MIX10 attendees … please don’t feed the homeless.


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