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Annie, Trading Places, and The Fisher King are the first movies I recall seeing that had characters who were homeless. Homelessness has made it into mainstream media more than I ever expected it would. And, yes, I think this is good. But even with “The Soloist” showing on the silver screen, I don’t think we have fairly brought the crisis (and yes, it is a crisis for all of us) into the collective consciousness.

I think we need to expose who the people who are without housing are. De-stigmatize homelessness and address the solutions. Exposure may be the key to that.

Saturday night I was at a party and had a long conversation with a film maker. We discussed what a documentary on homelessness should cover. I want your opinion.

I want to see people who are homeless from a variety of causes:

  • job loss,
  •  mental health issues,
  • substance abuse,
  • domestic violence,
  • cooccuring disorders,
  • run aways, 
  • increased cost of housing,
  • lack of education
  • and unemployment/chronic underemployment.\

I want to:

  1. Follow people as they discover and try out public and private resources. 
  2. Interview family members, co workers and friends and show the strain that loving and supporting someone through this situation can put on a relationship.
  3. Interview service providers: what do they offer and what would they like to offer and WHO are these people who do social work in the Homeless Arena. As a social worker I know that sometimes the most intriguing part of the crisis are the folks who offer the solutions. If you don’t believe me: Google Mark Horvath and HardlyNormal.
  4. Explore the social service options and show what homeless shelters and domestic violence shelters really look like
  5. Ask “average” members of society what their emotional and political views are on homelessness.

 What do YOU want to see in a film about Who the Homeless Are ?

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