He left me… Domestic Violence time extender

HER: “He left me. He says I am too stupid to be worth his time and our son is going to be stupid just like me. He’s mad because if he gets a job he has to tell child support and they will take 65% of his paycheck. He says I should work because IContinue reading “He left me… Domestic Violence time extender”

Hey Gallager Bassett…

Why are you denying spinal surgery for a lady M.G. who is now homeless and can not work until she has three herniated discs moved off her spinal cord. She fell at her old job and has not gotten worker’s compensation nor been able to find new employment. Now she is weak, sick and trying toContinue reading “Hey Gallager Bassett…”

Homeless on Film

Annie, Trading Places, and The Fisher King are the first movies I recall seeing that had characters who were homeless. Homelessness has made it into mainstream media more than I ever expected it would. And, yes, I think this is good. But even with “The Soloist” showing on the silver screen, I don’t think weContinue reading “Homeless on Film”

411 – wrong number

This morning I have had two homeless information calls routed to me through 411.  Apparently the phone company thinks I am the DPSS Homeless Services Desk. I don’t mind, and thanks to my wonderful co-workers and collaborators, I have a great deal of information. However, it may be a grave dis-service to represent me asContinue reading “411 – wrong number”

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