4:30 Friday afternoon – I am a failure

I have decided that I am freaked out by anyone who will call me at 4:30 on a Friday Afternoon and ask me, personally, for $200 to pay for their weekend motel stay.

NO. and…..NO.

I might be starting to burn out. I am so angry at this person who is months away from exiting Welfare because her child is 18 and graduating this Spring. She has not used GAIN or CALWORKS to put herself in a position to be self-sufficient. She hid, she was non-compliant and she coasted by.

And now, months away form being ineligible for aid- the crunch is on get her on her feet and she is finally my client.

I don’t know how to help her see that SHE  is responsible for her success. I am not, her therapist is not, and there is a point in time where the money stops appearing for free and she will have to work for it.

This is that moment.

I understand that we all need a little room to wiggle and whine and re-group. The County of Los Angeles understands and gives 90 days of room to regroup. Five years is too long to hide from the system. We have not helped her. We have taught her that being publically helpless and pathetic will get her what she wants.

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