Oh wow, my phone call

Barry called me to ask that I close his Public Assistance case. He can’t seem to shake his cycle of homelessness and sent his teenager back to live with the mother. The mother is also homeless but has stable housing at her parent’s home.

Barry and his wife split up in October and he moved out. The day after Christmas he woke up with massive chest pain and had a heart attack. consequently he lost his job, his apartment and was living with his child in his car part-time and bouncing from friend to friend.

In February his child started spend 3 nights a week with the mother and Barry moved in with a “lady friend”. Early one morning her went to take the child to school and his wife and he had an argument where she struck him. After the first slap he held her and called 911. subsequently the police arrested him. He has court ordered Domestic Violence classes which he can not pay for. The instructor told him “Don’t try to tell me that you can not collect enough cans to recycle and pay for this class”.

Barry needs therapy and follow-up cardiac care. I am not sure that he will have this on GR. I am not sure how I feel about a tween being in the care of a violent parent either. But, I do know that Barry is doing his best with few resources and no support.

I referred him to PATH in Glendale and hope he goes. I know he is reluctanct to be “one of those men who need a hair cut and to stop digging in the trash cans for money. I mean, what have we sunk to?!”

Cross your fingers and send me any suggestions you have for him.

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