Bon Jovi goes to LAMP

Monday morning, Steve Lopez of the LA Times and Bon Jovi visited Lamp Community. Read more HERE.

Lamp has a new web page and apparently is switching executive directors.  Congratulations to 

Shannon Murray Interim Executive DirectorOther really cool and impressive people to watch at LAMP are:

Lawrence Manley
Food Services Manager. Great big man who can cook for hundreds at 4 star quality and laugh the entire time.

Alicea Polk Skid Row Collaborative Program Manager. She and I shared office space for about a year – she is smart, efficient, friendly and in a pinch will jump out of your car to shout driving instructions to big rigs who can’t navigate the tiny potholed streets of Skid Row. And, she dies all this while being dressed in pink. I would not be surprised to hear she is the Executive Director of something someday.

Wade Killefer – On the Board of Directors, here is a man who really “gets it”

——————– As you know, I used to work at LAMP and it and the clients there are near and dear to my heart. I hope that you have the chance to hear more about them in the future.

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