Do you need a Phone Number?

Calls from the Doctor, potential employers, landlords, county social workers, etc, a phone is an absolute essential for survival if you are trying to break out of poverty. Home phones are not possible if you don’t have a home and cell phones are great – but if you don’t have an outlet to charge it in – what good will a cell phone do you. And, yes, they can be expensive. (But, thank you Microsoft, I love the Blackberry Storm!)

SOLUTION! Community Voice Mail

A Voice mail box that is yours for free. A voicemail that you can call 24 hours a day.

this is from the Weingart center page

“Signing up for CVM is easy!
Simply contact a social service office in your community and sign up for community voice mail at participating agencies. For a referral to one of our participating agencies or to sign up your agency for CVM, please contact the project manager please, Mario Flores, at 213.833.5031 or by email at”

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