Heavy, the 1 person Homeless Population of Times Square

As the story goes, Time’s Square has been cleaned up. No more porn shops, less obvious drug deals and no homeless people. That is, except for Heavy. I believe in HOUSING FIRST and Housing for everyone. But, I also believe in individual dignity and the right to choose what is best for your own life.Continue reading “Heavy, the 1 person Homeless Population of Times Square”

Blankets and the Homeless

My daughter’s friends at UMYF recently made blankets for Project Linus and had some left over. I just spent $25 mailing the one’s from my family to Vancouver. Mailing the extra’s is beyond my budget. Fortunately their Youth Group Leader, Franklyn Shen, was looking for an alternative recipient for the blankets. Part of the bunch wentContinue reading “Blankets and the Homeless”

Homeless Homicide in San Jose

San Jose’s 2nd and 6th homicide this year were homeless men.  The most recent death was a stabbing behind a radio station. February’s murder involved a man found in an abandoned church. Where can I go to see statistics on Homeless Homicide? All I have learned is that I lose my housing, I won’t be  moving to SanContinue reading “Homeless Homicide in San Jose”

“Jesus” died in December

“Jesus Man” was another name for Craig Howell who died from dehydration and kidney failure last December under the bridge where he lived in Santa Clara County. Mr. Howell lived and died with his personal sense of dignity that would not allow him to accept charity, nor did he beg. He was a fixture inContinue reading ““Jesus” died in December”

The face of Hunger with no Housing – Age 3

Like the urchins under Christmas Present’s coat – hunger walked into my office today. He is three years old and has never known a home of his own – never known stability or had his own bed. His infancy was spent in a car sear in the back of a beat up truck – tContinue reading “The face of Hunger with no Housing – Age 3”

Social Worker Groups and Orgs

Are there any that you belong to or recommend ? https://www.socialworkers.org/joinBenefits/membertypes.asp was recommended through a blog post and I briefly belonged to http://www.nami.org/. what do you suggest and why? I do feel a little out in the field and all alone in what I do. sure, I work in a room of social workers butContinue reading “Social Worker Groups and Orgs”

Denver Dress Stealer gives bad name to homelessness

This is, sadly, what most people think of when they think of a person who is homeless.  Angel Rayas is a convicted sex offender who rented a storage locker for the women’s clothing he had stolen.

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