Transitional Employment via DPSS

This is from the official memo:   

Los Angeles County’s Subsidized Jobs Initiative: Creating Thousands Of Jobs In Partnership With Employers 

 FACT SHEET :How Federal Funding Creates Subsidized Jobs In LA County 


The TANF Emergency Contingency Fund (ECF) was established by the Federal ARRA toprovide States with the ability to access ECF dollars (up to a limit) to fund subsidizedemployment, TANF cash grants for their increasing caseloads, and certain non-recurrent benefitsdesigned to keep families afloat in the aftermath of the recession. Over the past several months,eighteen states have successfully used these federal stimulus dollars to create or expand temporary subsidized jobs programs which have proven to be a cost-effective way to create tens of thousands of jobs in local  communities. 


Los Angeles County’s jobs initiative provides a model that has proven popular with private employers, as well as those in the non-profit and public sectors. The CEO of one participating company, Consolidators International Inc. (CII), a shipping company operating out of Los Angeles, describes his positive experience with the program by emphasizing, 



“The [seven]people we have hired are developing into valued employees. CII now is operating in a more efficient manner with higher levels of service to our customers. Our new employees have been quick to learn, are enthusiastic about their work and are completely dependable.”  

The Federal ECF Boosts Local Economies 


Employers Reap Significant Benefits From The ECF 


Thousands Of Unemployed Parents And Families Benefit 


The following is just one example of the many families in LA County previously shut out of the job market who have been given a life-line through an ECF subsidized job: Ms. Taylor, mother of two small children (one with autism), was recently able to move off her aunt’s couch and into her own apartment after getting a subsidized job at Shields for Families. She sums up her experience in the program by saying, 


“…you guys gave me a chance when the whole world seemed like they were saying ‘No, not this time.’ Without this program, I could not pay my rent and my babies and I would be back on the streets… Now I have something extra to put on my resume.” 







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6 thoughts on “Transitional Employment via DPSS

  1. i am interested in social work i have twelve years experience in medical receptions, medical records and also medical billing i am bilingual

  2. I just found out that as a participant in the TSE program, I am not eliggible for unemployment benefits when the program ends september 30th. IS this true, can someone tell us, all of us in the program?

    1. you should have been told at your orientation. the reason you dont get unemployment is because your pay is SUBSIDIZED – which is to say that the company was not paying you – the COUNTY paid you in exchange for reducing your cash aid. sorry.

  3. I’m confused about how the TSE program works when you are receiving cash aid… does your cash aid stop completely?

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