The 60 month time limit

60 month time clock for Welfare CalWORKS - by Sonya Keith


Welfare reform in 1996-1997 made welfare a time limited activity. There is no more Lifelong Welfare. 

Ideally a family will not need Cash Aid for 5 years, which is the life time limit. You can use 3 years here, 4 months there, and on and on until the full 60 months is hit, or do the 5 years consecutively. (As a GAIN Worker I try to move you through as efficiently as possible and if you “time out” while with me: I feel like I have failed.) Five years is more time that we had to get through High School. Hopefully participants are able to make every month count. 


Your 60 month Time Clock will not tick while you are 60 years or older, caring for an ill or incapacitated person in your household, victim of domestic violence, Disabled for 30 days or more or excluded from the household. 

Time on cash aid  can be added to the end of your 60 months if you cash aid if you are 60 years or older, caring for an ill or incapasitated person in your household,caring for a child who is a ward of the court or at risk of going into foster care, are a victim of domestic violence, disabled and receiving disability income, or are unable to maintain employment due to mental health, substance abuse or a learning disability. 


Ask for a time limit review if you do not know how much time you have left in aid. Periodically you will receive notices from the county telling you what we have in file. You have the right to challenge our information if you believe we are wrong.  we will also try to do this for you at an annual review and when we see you close to your time limit. 

Changes are coming to the Time Limit rules next year, so seriously consider your plan and how you can use your time on cash aid.

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