I stare at feet – alot.  My feet are a constant topic of conversation and always cold, so of course I enjoy socks. I have about six pairs of socks shoved in my desk drawer at work, 2 pairs in my car and uncountable masses of mis-matched socks in my apartment. I don’t care, I wear them unmatched because I am just that cool.

But now my frozen toes and socks are tied in with thoughts of homeless toes.

Shoes are expensive and important if you are homeless. If you don’t have a place of your own to sit or lie, you spend copious amounts of time on your feet.  Your feet swell and the shoes are too tight so you take them off and walk barefoot. Shoes tear, rip, fade and wear out. (mine always wear out on the sides because, well, I have toe issues and I walk on the outside of my soles . . . that was over-share, sorry)

Have you ever looked at the feet of someone who has been homeless for a while? The exposed skin gets dark with dirt, dried in the air, and cracks, blisters and peels.  I have seen black feet on white women.  I suspect if hurts as bad as it looks.

There is a simple, inexpensive , temporary solution. SOCKS.

Hanes and The United Way provided socks to Homeless people all summer long (and possibly longer than that) and from following Mark Horvath’s journeys – I am obsessed with thoughts of socks and cold, exposed homeless feet every time I pull on a pair.

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