Policy change: Homeless student penalized for being homeless

She had the Regents Exam in the afternoon but had to stay in the shelter for 7 hours for the intake.  I have worked in homeless shelters and that was simply a stupid move. children need to be in school, and once you have seen her – let her go to school then come back for her portion, or arrainge to interview students outside of the school hours. Duh!

The New York Daily News reports “After the Daily News reported about Bracero’s ordeal, city officials said they’re revising the policy.

“Once a family presents at the intake center, a student may be excused from the shelter application process for important exams that do not offer makeup sessions,” said Department of Homeless Services spokeswoman Heather Janik.

“The incident of a student missing the Regents exam was unfortunate and unusual, but these steps will ensure that no child faces a similar situation again.”

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