New York Homeless Housing program broken

New York  Work Advantage program is housing families in homes that are in foreclosure, apartments with mold, mice and no hot water.

the Daily News has more information

The Advantage program sounds wonderful. It is not tied in to the welfare system and offers life skills, budgeting and legal services. The problem is that while tenants only pay $50 towards rent and “should” be saving for an unsubsidized home, there are instances where landlords require extra funds from the tenants. There does not appear to be much support for clients who are evicted due to foreclosure, or oversight to ensure that apartments in the program meet basic housing standards.

I have worked with the Los Angeles HUD program of  “Shelter Plus Care section 8”. The regulations are stringent, inspections and repairs are mandatory and there is very little wiggle room.  Perhaps LA could teach NYC a few things about housing?

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