I stare at feet – alot.  My feet are a constant topic of conversation and always cold, so of course I enjoy socks. I have about six pairs of socks shoved in my desk drawer at work, 2 pairs in my car and uncountable masses of mis-matched socks in my apartment. I don’t care, IContinue reading “Socks”

New York Homeless Housing program broken

New York  Work Advantage program is housing families in homes that are in foreclosure, apartments with mold, mice and no hot water. the Daily News has more information The Advantage program sounds wonderful. It is not tied in to the welfare system and offers life skills, budgeting and legal services. The problem is that whileContinue reading “New York Homeless Housing program broken”

Policy change: Homeless student penalized for being homeless

She had the Regents Exam in the afternoon but had to stay in the shelter for 7 hours for the intake.  I have worked in homeless shelters and that was simply a stupid move. children need to be in school, and once you have seen her – let her go to school then come backContinue reading “Policy change: Homeless student penalized for being homeless”

Serve LA – thank you

That was cool! I noticed my Resources Page was getting more clicks than usual. Pretty much we use it in the office to give information to the other workers so they have all the information that I do. Today I tracked down the reason: I am honored and now will spend some time andContinue reading “Serve LA – thank you”

Face Book Group Angry About Welfare

“Making Drug Tests required to Get Welfare” It’s the new popular group I see my friends joining in my Face Book stream.  Some of them have asked why I don’t join the group. Because I actually see Welfare moms and dads who have “substance abuse” issues, I think I can speak to this topic withContinue reading “Face Book Group Angry About Welfare”

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