Dismissing a $$ “Welfare Mom” myth

Many welfare grants are completely repaid by the families.

Politicians talk about the cost of welfare or CalWORKS as we call it in California.  I have yet to hear about how the program is partially funded by child support payments from the non-custodial parent. This is from the State of California FAQ page.

“Every month in which a child support payment is made, a notice is mailed to you showing how much money the noncustodial parent paid. Each month, the first $50 of current child support is paid to you and will not reduce the amount of your CalWORKS benefit. The remainder goes to pay the county for benefits you receive

There is policy for this. The State of California does not believe that children should be recieving support from strangers if there is a parent who can provide financial support.

Child Support – All absent parents are responsible for the financial support of their children. The custodial parent or caretaker relative must provide sufficient information to locate the absent parent(s) to determine the absent parent’s financial responsibility.
The absent parent will be contacted by the Local Child Support Agency (LCSA) to pay back all or part of the CalWORKs money received.
Child support is counted as income and CalWORKs recipients who receive direct child support are required to assign their support rights to the County.

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