Half time at the SOUPer Bowl

TEAM PATH has been delivered. Well, most of it has,

197 + 164 + 73 =434, and the Glendale MAXIMUS  satellite office contribution has not been counted yet.

I was worried. Worried that no one would buy into my food drive idea. I had nightmares of walking in with 1 box of cans and an apology.  Next, I felt bad that the teams were 5 to 4.   Five units for Burbank Temporary Aid Center vs. Four for PATH. I expected BTAC to collect more food and win hands down. Cans counted . .  and wow, I was so wrong.

Reception was the unit who brought in the most food, and TEAM PATH collectively filled my car to the point that I was in danger of being buried by boxes of cans and soup. (Did I tell you the Scion is being re-maned The Sleigh? I love you, Toyota!) In recognition of all of their work, they were given a frame-able certificate, trophy, and the front office covered with balloons.  All of the prizes coast a grand total of $3.28 .

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