exposing Twitter attitudes towards Homeless

Direct quotes from a Twitter timeline search for homeless

3_normal KelvinHaze Homeless #PLUSSIDE im saving money on my electric bill.

Dave01_normal dave_smith_ii #funnierthanjimmyfallon A homeless guy carrying a bloody spork. 3 minutes ago from web

Fvsdacc_normal fvsdacc (its mark here). . . Am putting my chest up for a sponsored waxing for the Homeless Home which is gonna b witnessed… http://bit.ly/9wPA9j

60372601_normal BlahMaxine Homeless of the streets giving handjobs for crack. 6 minutes ago from UberTwitterUberTwitter

Twitterprofilephoto_normal sarahehoward To the bro who parked his BMW in the middle of College by Paradigm: park correctly the next time you drunkenly help/chat w/ a homeless guy. 6 minutes ago from web

Twitter_normal fox8news A homeless veteran is remembered by people of northeast Ohio. Not only because of his heroism, but because of his… http://bit.ly/9hUDiz 8 minutes ago from Facebook

1108091313a_normal whiteeagle44 America the home of the job free society. (yes the home of the free, the home of the home free (homeless) stand tall and be proud! 8 minutes ago from web

Faclc_normal FACLC @BarleyBoy20 I met a drunk homeless guy who probably would murder a dozen babies in return for a shot of bourbon. So something way better. 8 minutes ago from TweetDeck

Small_sunflower_normal NonProfitBlogs Winter Olympics on slippery slope after Vancouver crackdown on homeless http://dlvr.it/1LkB 9 minutes ago from dlvr.it

5191_202854460511_535975511_7511171_5298562_n_normal OSUBEX @laurenfrance You like all those high fives from the homeless man? who knows where his hands have been ha ha ha 9 minutes ago from mobile web

Bonnie_and_shyne_normal juliefucknbaby #ItKillsMe to see every homeless person with the same damn sign…uhh something is strange about that.they all write the same? 9 minutes ago from web


Do you see a pattern or a trend here? The prevailing attitude is disgust and dark humor. This stigma on homelessness makes it a difficult situation to be in and ask for help. It also makes my job unpopular with large portions of the population who share these attitudes.

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