Thanks for complaining

I’m pleased that someone complained (to anyone who would listen) that I pushed too hard for him to work and go to school.  If he would just get one of those sky-writing planes to etch that into the clouds I would lay out in the parking lot and stare until the wind swept the message away.

My job – the  reason someone pays me to sit here – is to motivate and assist parents to leave the Welfare System with a full wallet and enough vocational and life skills to keep it that way. 


Basically, I want you to work.  I don’t want you to work a poorly waged job in a field that you hate: I want you to get a job in the area of your interest – pick up the skills to promote to a better job – and turn that into a career. I want you to pay for housing, food and medical care out of your own pocket and not the tax payers’. This scenario is what Welfare reform was designed to create.

“Clearly – I am crazy!” That was sarcasm.

There is no favoritism in my job. If I like your personality or if you scare me, you will be treated equally. I will smile at you, color in the signature lines on forms with magic marker, and talk to you about your goals and how to get there.

I take into account that you are homeless (if you were not homeless we would not be hanging out in my cube) but I am not going to feel sorry for you.  Feeling sorry for you means that I have already given up some of my hope for your success.  You will not get me to agree that there is no way out of your current situation.

I won’t agree that “the system” is holding you back and keeping you from your dreams. The “System” is a business agreement between you and the source of your cash aid, food stamps and medical insurance. You asked for assistance and in return we gave you a free pass for 30 days. If you still needed the assistance after that then the level of help you are required to accept in addition to Welfare escalates. You agreed to be a part of this program when you took the money. You can walk away from the requirements but you also have to walk away from the money. YOU asked, YOU agreed and this is not a pact with the Devil because YOU can end the agreement any time you want.  YOU are in charge of your case, not me.

Yes, I have heard about the economic crisis and recession. No, I don’t think that is a reason for you not to apply for work. People are hiring out there. We need to make you marketable for the jobs that are available and you’ll land one.

I am not sorry of you are offended by my optimism. I am okay with pushing you into new experiences because the old ones don’t seem to have gotten you where you want to be.

If I believe in you more than you do…please ajust your thinking because I am never wrong about this.

 ” You can leave welfare on your own terms. You are too good for me. You will earn a wage that will end your homelessness and bring stability into your life.”

Try some of my ideas and your wish, and mine, of us breaking up will come true.

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