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Seriously, after several months of watching my child’s LAUSD North Hollywood High School – I can see some truth in this. The really useful options. however are missing.
1. Go to school early with a note from your mom about the cell phone. Leave the phone with the nurse or have your mom call the school and they can call you out of class for an update. As a mom, I want to tell you that there really is no reason you NEED to have a cell phone in class.
2. Um, where was the parent in all of this? No legal assistance either?Abuse, Battery, assault charges are all valid ones for the school security guard.
3. Have you ever seen the Po-po pick someone up for truancy? Ya, me neither.
4. Okay, tell me more about these Continuation Schools. And no, expulsion or suspension always did sound stupid to me. Really, they can’t have a special class of “Suspended” students to give the one on one attention they really need.
5. From my desk in the welfare office – I have to tell you that the biggest contribution the schools have made in expanding the homeless population : turning out people who can not read, write or reason for themselves (with or without diplomas).

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