Tips on Leaving Voicemail for a “worker”

If your Case Manager is not calling you back, try these tips.

Speak loudly and slowly.   –  my voice mail likes to stir up the message and it comes out as gobbledygook

Say your name, spell your last name and say your name again. – there are all kinds of people who really need my help, but I don’t know who they are! My clients are special to me but “Hey, it’s me” on a message from my own mother doesn’t mean I will recognize the voice. Also, I shouldn’t be left alone with the alphabet and some names are pretty imaginative. I know a man named “Jo4hn” . there is no way I will find him in the database if he doesn’t spell that for me.  

Know the difference between your file number and your case number. – no one wants to be a number, but make the system work for you. A FILE # identifies who your worker is. My file number is 7C11 (because I can see 7/11 from my desk?), so telling me your file number is 7c11 only tells me that you and I are together in this, it does not tell me who you are!

Memorize your case number and repeat it slowly in your message. Enjoy behaving like we are on a CB radio – B as in Bob, D as in David. Be as clear as possible. In the DPSS LA COUNTY system, there are no “letter O’s”, only Zeros “0”. Your GAIN case number and your CalWORKS number should be the same. The little number after the dash is your PID. Basically, if there are 3 people on your case, the PID let’s us know which person we are dealing with.

Tell me how to contact you. The worker’s information might out of date or  maybe you are using a friend’s phone – We will try every number we have for you, but leaving me a phone number is super helpful and ensures you will be called back faster.  If you need me to e-mail you, slowly spell the email address.

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