Win the Souper Bowl!

What’s a SOUPer Bowl? It’s a canned soup and food drive around Super Bowl time (go Cowboys!).inspired by CGS Arcadia, btw. How do you play?
It’s easy! It’s a Team Competition- the most cans wins! Simple as that! At work we have 6 “Units” and “Clerical/Admin” so that is 7 teams. If enough “other” folks are interested I’m willing to make an 8th team and give you a drop of point.
Every team is given a food bank/ charity to collect cans for. That charity WILL receive all food donated in it’s name because: well, that’s the whole point! Yes, there will be prizes (I love competition). Maybe even a trophy! I will update here with pictures and status!
If you have suggestions or comments – tell me, here or on Facebook or Twitter (

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