Stripping for food

A former homeless client came by to tell me about her new job that pays her rent. She’s a nude dancer. That’s right: a stripper. ¶ it allows her to keep the apartment she’s illegally sub-renting because her credit is shot and she can’t find a more affordable place. ¶She’s pretty enough to have done acting as the Octo-mom and danced in a Justin Timberlake video. Her AA degree has been earned and she used to sell real estate before the market crashed and so did she. ¶ I didn’t know what to tell her so I talked about continuing to look for work with growth potential, hooking up with employment agencies, and actively not selling her soul while selling viewing rights to her flesh until the economy picks up or she finds traditional work.
Today I could only hear her out. Stripping will lead her off Welfare but it’s cash-not a life plan. I admire that she is willing to do anything to keep her child off the streets but I’m frustrated that I didn’t have better solutions. *sigh

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One thought on “Stripping for food

  1. You can’t have all the solutions. I’m glad she is taking the initiative to do something, even if it is stripping. Whatever our personal beliefs are, at least she is doing something and keeping her child off the street. But you are spot on – it is cash, and not a long term plan. She has her AA, and a real estate license, so she can go to that when the market picks up. At a minimum, it shows she’s no idiot, and can figure out a long term plan while surviving on this temporarily.

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