End Homeless for ME

Not that it’s all about me, but I am drowning in files. It is 5pm, and except for a quick lunch, this is the first time I’ve had a moment to myself all day. In the past two days I have done 6 brand new intake appointments, My homeless families are now so many that their files don’t fit into my cabinet. Search dogs are being sent into find me in the mountain of papers and I may need a blood transfusion if I get another paper cut.

Do it for me!

If you can’t think about the public health and well being or the economy – then just for me:

Bring back the outsources jobs.

Fill up the empty American Factories with toys and cars. We don’t lace them with lead pain like some (*cough China) people do.

I’ll take it as a personal favor if we could sell the food America grows TO America. Maybe if we can pay for it, we will have farmers who can afford to keep their crops and farms and pay the migrant workers a living wage.

I know lots of people who can talk on the phone all day – Yo, Dell! YaHoo – wanna bring your call centers here because I could enjoy walking past filled up office buildings where the empty ruins abandoned by “American” companies stand.

All those building projects frozen by a falling housing market – could you be sweet enough to rent/loan them out to Homeless Outreach from 7pm-7am. Non-empty homes have a reduced vandalism rate and you know how graffiti gets on my nerves.

Small businesses and large corporate ones too – if you find you have an extra $300 a week, would you spend that money on hiring a part-time employee. Your wages could be the difference between a cardboard box and a motel.

Hotel/Motels. Seriously? You want me to pay to stay in places too heartless to open your doors on frozen winter nights to homeless families? Build my customer loyalty by grabbing my heartstrings and pulling me in. All I am asking for is 1 room a week and I know you have more than that sitting vacant.

So, for my sanity: This year all I want is a caseload reduction. I don’t want a second Homeless Worker hired – I want to be retired because there are not enough families needing me to be here.

I will be your new best friend if you would just bring the increase in homelessness to an end.

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