Who gives a sheet anyway?

Cotton top, flannel bottom #homeless awareness isn’t popular or sexy, so let’s change that!

Got Sheets? Cotton, Flannel or Satin? Talk about them! Who was in them last? Where did you buy them? Does thread count really matter? What size (size does matter after all, at least on your bed).

I’ll start. The picture is my actual sheets. I have pink polar fleece sheets (like my Snuggie … Snuggies would be great for the homeless, by the way) and cherry/heart sheets. Yup, they are girly. But then again, I’m a single mom raising a daughter. Girly is the order of the day.

The last man to sleep in my sheets was actually a homeless friend of mine. That’s why you see the orange striped sheets: I bought sheets just for him to sleep on, sheets that preserved his masculinity and had not been ruined the way I kill sheets by falling asleep wearing mascara or holding leaky pens, etc. See, I’m a nice friend. But not so nice that I gave him the sheets!

Why should you give a sheet? Because if you have sheets, you probably have a bed, and so you’re probably not homeless. If all this has you thinking about getting new sheets, consider donating your old ones to a shelter where many clients sleep in sleeping bags or mis-matched sheets.

Tweet your sheet fabric, make it your FaceBook status, and share the story. Please. Enjoy the conversations and take action!

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