Thanks for complaining

I’m pleased that someone complained (to anyone who would listen) that I pushed too hard for him to work and go to school.  If he would just get one of those sky-writing planes to etch that into the clouds I would lay out in the parking lot and stare until the wind swept the message away. My jobContinue reading “Thanks for complaining”

How to fight Urban Blight?

What is Urban Blight? The word blight typically refers to plants that are withered or rotting due to disease. Urban relates to or refers to a city or characteristic of city life. When the two terms are put together, urban blight refers to the deterioration and decay of buildings and older areas of large cities,Continue reading “How to fight Urban Blight?”

Is it a CRIME or are you just MEAN?

Attitudes that the homeless citizens  are stray animals who breed and come back to places that feed them  are becoming more prevalent in society. “They are homeless because they are lazy” “god has turne dhis back on them because they are bad”, “The sins of the father are being visited on the son”, “If he hadContinue reading “Is it a CRIME or are you just MEAN?”

The most entertaining homeless blog

is also informative. Maintain health club membersips for personal hygene – $40 bucks a month at 24 Hour Fittness or Bally’s will get you regular showers and is much cheaper than $800 in rent. Also, they have bathrooms. Speaking of bathrooms, in an emergency: wrap it in tin foil and not a plastic bag becauseContinue reading “The most entertaining homeless blog”

Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME

Interesting article in TIME which makes the point that without a stable place to stay, how can anything become stable in your life? Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME If you are homeless in LA: This is the address to the FAQ Points of Contact for Homeless Persons: Los Angeles Jeanette RoweContinue reading “Feds’ Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program – TIME”

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