I wanna do this FUN Fundraiser

I hate fundraisers. They are boring and no one enjoys them really – but THIS one loos like a lot of fun. http://chris.pirillo.com/subservient-chris-raising-money-for-wyldryde/. I found it in my twitter-stream.

I can see doing something like this for a local shelter and having it streamed live on the web and on the local cable channel. I even know people with the tech abilities to put this together. One of my acquaintances has the Burger king chicken technology. Hmmmm. For $10 he will do almost anything. I could literally burn through entire bank accounts before you found things i would not do as long as they are legal and not too icky.

Safe, Sane, Consensual requests carried out for a $10.00 donation. I think I will watch Chris’ fundraiser.

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