I stalk missing children with BING

I am a stalker. I could not find my “Adopt a Family” family to deliver their gifts to them. I called the numbers I had and whoa, no one knew where they were and weirder yet – no one would tell me their names. 

That’s okay, I have the internet and therefore I can find anything and anyone. It’s a wonderful tool when I am looking for services hard to find people.

First I  Zabbasearched them – but the names were too common and without a city to localize the search in – well – that was more phone calls to strangers than I felt up to.

So I Googled them. Pleah, no luck and too much random lint floating on the search results.  

Then I ran them through BING. The 4th listing down was an entry from http://missingkidsla.org listing one of the children (who is named after the father) as abducted. Guess what my new default search engine is going to be?

I read the page and saw that the abduction date is prior to when I saw this child and his family. Okay, the county is sometimes behind the times. I know first hand how long it takes to process information on children and families here. 

I called the 24/7 number and spoke with the most delightful Children and Family Services worker and compared notes. – the child is still listed as missing.

I BINGed and called the shelters in the area asking for the family. I called LAHSA because the family told me they were homelessness. And – in 2 hours, 4 web searches and 5 phone calls I found someone who knows where the family is staying. All of this information was given to CFS.

Now, all I want is to give these kids their holiday gifts.  If I don’t hear how to get the gifts to the children by tomorrow, I will contact the donor and ask them if I can donate the gifts or if she wants them back for  return and claim her money, or if she wants to be assigned to a new and similar family.

This was waaaay too much drama but totally entertaining. I was inspired to work my way through all the social services and the “system” that I so often complain about.

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