Forget the masses, touch ONE life

I watched this video of @hardlynormal who took a mother and son to the store and gave her money for clothes. This is what it looks like when you touch just one person at a time.

Studies have shown that the attention span of an audience is ONE PERSON. We tune out at 2 needy people. So all those television shows of hundreds of starving children are basically wasting their time. As individuals, we connect at an individual level.

With that in mind – find ONE person in the rest of this year (that’s a week and a half) that you can help. Big, small, casual or deeply meaningful – tell me how it feels to do one out of the ordinary kindness for an individual.

Need ideas? I got ideas . . .

*Smile (with eye contact) at someone you would usually pretend not to see.

*Take $2.00 with you and pay for someone’s coffee at 7/11

*Write a thoughtful note to someone who is under-appreciated.

I used half a stack of posty notes and write “You Rock because____” and then hid them on random spots in a co-workers office. It took her a while to discover that it was my doing, however the goal was achieved. She was happier and more relaxed because -again- she was no longer invisable.

*Let someone in front of you in line at the grocery store. Pick the granny with a full cart and help her unload it as well.

*Adopt a person for the holidays. Several Homeless non-profits have a program where you can “adopt” a client and give them a present.

*Adopt someone you know or see regularly. Celebrate your holidays by gifting to them.

*Snail Mail. Getting a letter or a card is always so much fun – and again- it makes you feel less invisible.

Things to GIVE

*Take your old dufflebags or rolling suitcases and give them to the homeless person you always see carting their belongings in  cracked plastic bags and grocery carts

*A hygene kit: Tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, baby wipes (great in a oinch when you can not get to a shower every day), tissue , and moisturizing skin lotion. Pop it into a large ziplock plastic bag and give it to someone who needs or can use it.

* $10 will buy a dozen roses at the grocery store. Buy them for someone – someone unexpected: a police officer, someone who loos sad, a sick neighbor or friend.

*A blanket. Lay it on someone who is cold and on the sleep, or put it in a gift bag and leave it on the door of someone with little money. A shocking number of people can not afford to run the heater in these hard economic times.

*A bag of groceries. Again, the number of people silently suffering with an income insufficient to their needs is greater than you might think. you know who has just lost a job, or someone who is under-employed. Spend a few extra dollars and buy bread, fruit, peanut butter etc and help them out.

*Gift certificates for food – McDonald’s, In N Out, Taco Lita (it’s an Arcadia phenomenon ),  Scrip for a grocery store are all inexpensive and easy ways to show friendship and help someone have a hot meal.


Tell me what acts of kindness you would do – and any acts you actually do. Giving is personal – not just to those who receive, it can be personal to you: the giver as well.

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One thought on “Forget the masses, touch ONE life

  1. Though simple, your first idea is more than meets the eye. Mother Teresa used to say that it all begins with a smile. She also said that we didn’t have to travel across the world to practice our loving kindness. We could start right at home with the people around us.

    I think listening is another simple act that makes people feel less invisible.

    Thanks for your inspiring post 🙂

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